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You would do anything for your dog—and when they hurt, you hurt. Continual scratching, licking, and chewing can worsen over time, and even result in painful infections. There’s help for your lovable, four-legged friend! Talk to your veterinarian for expert advice and treatment. Before you see your veterinarian, learn more about CYTOPOINT treatment.

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CYTOPOINT Environmental Allergic Itch Tracker

Keep track of your dog’s itch during CYTOPOINT treatment with this tool, so your veterinarian will know how often your dog will need to return for treatment. Be sure to bring it along on your visits, and mention if you notice your dog’s itch is getting worse again.

How to use the tracker:

  • WEEK 1: Rate your dog’s itch every day and record it based on the rating system
  • WEEKS 2-8: Rate your dog’s itch just once a week, on the same day of the week
  • Put a “dot” in the appropriate column that best describes your dog’s scratching. When the dots are connected, you and your veterinarian will see the progress during treatment, and how long the injection provided relief
See if your dog might have chronic itch before you visit your veterinarian.

CYTOPOINT Checklist for Environmental Allergic Itch

Check off the information that applies to your dog and situation and then bring this sheet to your veterinarian. It will help uncover your dog's symptoms, and if an injectable treatment like CYTOPOINT is right for your dog.